News and links about dyeing with plants:

This is a link to the Dutch Design Week; they present Claudy Jongstra with
the “Community Seed Bank for Colour”

The idea of working with a community of likeminded people is growing
stronger now that I am also looking for answers with others in the climate activist’s
movement of Extinction Rebellion (in the fashion activist group)

I was already inspired by the Fibershed movement and the masters in Arnhem
lead by Pascal Gatzen, which first was called “fashion held in
common” and now is called “practise held in common”

On a fashion event in Arnhem I met Kate Fletcher and had through an online workshop of Fashion
Action of Extinction Rebellion the possibility to learn more about the
“Earth logic plan”

It all comes back to the same idea, to start over and act local and be free
of the big players of the fashion industry. Now there are a lot of questions.
Especially about the way we also have to earn money.

But maybe the question begins with why we need so much money. All of these
complexities are triggering my creative mind and I am always in search of
another part of the puzzle.

Having a community seed bank for colour could just be one of these pieces.

Zondag 18 oktober 2020, bij Mondo van de VPRO, meer over dit project van Claudy Jongstra

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